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2019-11-09 20:34:11

The romantic synchrony of two cultures gave birth to the new concept of Business dates back 13 the century, where the microscopic theory “entrepreneurship” delivered. The French and the English compilation as “Entrepreneur” meaning undertake and English word “Enterprise” emerged and embrace the world with glory. 

Entrepreneurship, the ruthless journey from a raw idea of sharing for business in fact bartering items for existence drastically matured to a business world and now stands out as entrepreneurship. The massive conceptual resurrection from business, for existence of life to, business for competition ended in this idea of independence. Decades ago selling items for items were the business; 21st century remained it as products or services for money. 

To be an entrepreneur is that simple?

Entrepreneurship is not Rise and Shine. It’s a long process of life in mixed cultures of failures and success, in short more failures and retardations than shoot at sight success . The present era makes the carpet for ocean of entrepreneurs with most marked as “endangered species”

An Entrepreneur can be symbolised as players in a boxing ramp, where one get hit from the successful opponent  and the so called the “injured budding entrepreneur” entity will take years to reboot themselves from the hit and after their rise, they will be in the more challenging market where they double their strength to hit the head-hunters .

Entrepreneur should be keen and vigilant to seal the unidentified potholes and updated thoroughly the color change of the world where they can expect the secret hits, if fails that pulls you down to the back bench and ended to be labelled as FAILURE.

Who is the reason for the FAILURE.?

Economic market that runs with time or an unmethodical approach of an Entrepreneur?

Successful entrepreneur should have the collection of the knowledge about present and future markets. Knowledge or collection of data alone will not help to be successful entrepreneur.

Then what else are seasonings needed to spice up the success rates..

Every entrepreneur competes with 7.7 billion brains to own their success crown. The craving for success as an entrepreneur should not last as a day dream but stuffed and steamed with actions rich plans. The decorative factors which add the beauty to success are revealed…..

Do you dare to be an Entrepreneur…

Then Close your Eyes…

Take a deep breath….

Chant the question that Are you a passionate entrepreneur…if yes …


Editorial Team

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