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2019-11-09 20:17:47

Packaging Company of the YearPresented by


Clifton Packaging

Clifton has put in yet another great performance seeing large increase in turnover and gross profits.

In 2018 the company invested seven figures into a second 100,000 square foot site which will help in its quest for growth whilst also future proofing the firm. Clifton will add additional state-of-the-art machines  to further increase its efficiency in terms of production, use of resources and energy. The company continues to speak directly into the plastics debate by reacquainting its customers with its full range of recyclable ready, reusable and biodegradable packaging whilst also educating councils, government, customers and the public about the wider issues that need to be considered such as the fact that many councils have the capability to recycle certain formats which are acknowledged as recyclable and so they’re still going into landfill. Clifton Packaging, whose managing director is Shahid Sheikh OBE (pictured), continues to lobby hard for further improvements to the UK’s recycling infrastructure. The company also opened its Packaging Centre of Excellence.


“This is a story of rapid business growth, product innovation, job creation and immense philanthropy. Clifton is setting the example for others to follow – a truly excellent packaging business.”

Highly Commended:

Klöckner Pentaplast

The anti-plastics debate began (as do most packaging trends), in the UK. kp is a global plastics business with its head office in London which created an opportunity to put its head above the parapet and defend the packaging industry. kp worked on a 10 year plan, which was launched in September 2018 called the Positive Plastics Pledge. The PPP is a four-point plan with 4 key pillars of excellence – Innovate, Accelerate, Educate and Activate – publishing commitments to the industry and the public for the next decade.

“In our first year alone, we have accomplished so much. Launched via social media #PositivePlasticsPledge, our platforms and actions have given us a voice to turn negative perceptions into positive plastics facts backed by science.”


“While many in the industry tend to lay low in response to often ill-informed opinions of plastic packaging it’s brave and admirable that kp has responded with innovation in its packaging as well as facts to spread the word beyond the industry through social media.”

Rigid Containers

It has been quite a revolutionary change for Rigid over the past ten years and the growth has been astounding leading to it being one of the most successful corrugated packaging companies in the country. It rivals some of the leading big players in the corrugated industry. “Using our USPs of being agile and entrepreneurial with excellent service and intensive investment we have been able to grow at a staggering rate.”

A big part of this development has been the continued investment from Rigid’s European partners VPK Packaging Group. The past five years has seen Rigid’s largest growth in the way of acquisition and the set-up of new sites and the installation of some of the most advanced corrugated conversion equipment in the country.


“Outstanding recent growth and investment has allowed Rigid to become a major corrugated player.”


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